RRAI Code of Practice

The information displayed below is for informative purposes only. Should you wish to print the RRAI Code of Practice for in-store display, please click here to download a suitable pdf.

Display of Alcohol

Alcohol products will, as far as possible, be displayed only in a part of the premises through which customers do not have to pass in order to obtain access to other beverages and food products (except where, for security reasons, such products are displayed behind the counter but not in a window).

Alcohol products will be confined to that one part of the premises and will, as far as possible, be separated from other beverages and food products.
In-store advertising of alcohol products is confined to the area in which they are displayed and will not be placed in windows or at internal locations where it is intended to be seen from outside the premises. Advertising materials produced by retailers will not be aimed at minors and will not seek to glamorise alcohol consumption or encourage excessive consumption.
Sale of Alcohol
The sale of alcohol products is permitted only between 10.30am and 10.00pm on weekdays & Saturdays and between 12.30pm and 10.00pm on any Sunday or St. Patrick’s Day (sales are not permitted on Christmas Day and Good Friday).

Alcohol products will be sold only at clearly designated check-out points by persons over the age of 18 years.

Check-out points at which alcohol products are sold, or alternatively the display area, will be monitored by CCTV.

The sale of alcohol products by unsupervised self-service means is not permitted.

The sale of alcohol products on a “pay-on-delivery” basis is not permitted.
Proof of Age
Production of a proof-of-age document will be demanded in all cases where the customer appears to be under the age of 21 years or otherwise where there there is a doubt about his or her age.
The Garda Age Card is the preferred proof-of-age document.
Staff Training
Licence holders will ensure adequate training of staff members engaged in the sale of alcohol products and, in particular, that such staff members have an adequate knowledge and understanding of relevant areas of licensing law.
Independent Audit
Compliance with this Code of Practice is subject to independent audit and verification on an annual basis. The Code will be up-dated from time to time.


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